new songs: “want” b/w “bait and switch”

here’s two songs from the sessions for our new record (out this summer). they didn’t make the record, not because i thought they weren’t good, but because i thought they worked better as two sides of the same coin. yin and yang, thesis and antithesis. the grass is always greener. maybe it’s better never to get what you want.

some of the usual collaborators and friends helped with these songs and some new faces joined the fold as well. original member and engineer extroardinaire Andy Rusinek played lead guitar, engineered and helped mix. Ethan Conroy (who played drums in the most recent west coast live iteration of the band) played piano, organ, and contributed vocals on “want.” Fiona Woodman sang on “bait and switch.”

buy on bandcamp or stream on spotify et al. ideally both, that way both us and our label ( get paid 🙂

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