crumbs ~ demos, b-sides, and rarities 2015-2019

i started switching all this project’s music to a different digital distro service this month (mind numbing awful experience fwiw) and it sent me down a real nostalgia trip, so i decided to dig into the vaults for bandcamp day this month. went long, in hopes that there would be “something for everyone” as they say. typically listening to my old releases is an extremely embarrassing experience—doubly so for unpolished demos—but for some reason this time around i had a lot of fun with it. this one’s for fans of classic lineups, golden eras, and iphone recordings. hope someone finds something they like in here.

i’m extremely grateful to the people that played on some of these songs, everyone that has been in the band at any point, the people who booked the shows where some of these sounds were recorded, and anyone who’s spent any amount of time with my records.

lots of new music on the way this year if all goes to plan 🙂

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