gonna start posting here again

not interviews or anything, at least not for now. just once again been feeling pretty uninspired by social media as a method of sharing what i’ve been working on and i always forget that i have this other option (and that i shell out thirty bucks a year for the domain name) so i’m gonna try it.

3 new tracks out wednesday, expanding on the record i put out in may. made a music video for one of them in a 24 hour manic period this week, more on that when it’s out.

also, just finished tracking a new record that i’ve been sporadically working on for the last year and a half. the oldest song on it was written in 2018 (or maybe very early 2019) and the newest was written last week. it’s the best thing i’ve done and it’s not even close. i suppose i could always ruin it in mixing, but that’s how it feels right now.

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