another second, a whole lifetime

3 new songs out yesterday plus a video for “The Crying Hour” shot by georgia and edited by me.

the video was conceived of last wednesday night and done by the next afternoon. felt really good to make something that quickly when most of my projects have been long and drawn out recently. the footage from the pool was filmed in january 2019 in biloxi, mississippi. biloxi is kind of the gulf coast’s vegas, and georgia and i had a day off during a solo tour that doubled as our way to move across the country so we stayed at a casino. one of georgia’s rules is “always sneak into the swimming pool” which is exactly what we did. we shot a bunch of stuff on our phones and never did anything with it until last week when it occurred to me that those shots from a carefree moment in what was otherwise a pretty transitional and heavy period of our lives matched the tone of the song and the words pretty well. i hope you like it.

listen to the full release:

another update: vinyl for “bad summer” is expected to be in hand and shipping by halloween, so if you ordered one of those, expect it in the next couple months.

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