two shows this month

I said I was going to start posting here more and so now I have to. I should probably just keep a journal, but absent the incentive of others’ attention I’ve never been able to force myself to do much of anything, and I don’t think journaling would be an exception (someone asked me recently if I consider myself vain and my response was, “I’m a musician”). I used to admire anyone who seemed to be a private person, but apart from never really having had the constitution for it, there’s also the issue that the older I get—or maybe the older I see my friends get—the more I realize my own (and I suspect often others’) valorization of interiority comes as much from embarrassment as it does any sense of virtue, and that freed from self-loathing I would be a significantly more open book. Of course there are things about which it’s healthy to be embarrassed, but I won’t be writing about those here.

All of this is to say that if you subscribed to this blog when I was doing the Confirmation Bias interviews, sorry—feel free to unsubscribe. I’ll probably do those again in the future, if and when I find people who want to do it, but I hope they’ll be different, looser. In retrospect I think my agenda was too obvious most of the time for me to do anything but stifle those conversations, but I’d like to get back to it from a different angle.

In the meantime, playing 2 shows this month in Philly. The first is this Saturday, 10/8 at Attic Brewing, a fundraiser for a local mutual aid org called Papermill Food Hub—they do incredible and essential work in Kensington, you can donate via that link. The second is a stacked bill at the Pouch in West Philly with NOLA heavy hitters Pope and Thomas Dollbaum as well as Greg Mendez, that’s on 10/21 and you can hmu via that contact button up there for the address.

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