not a lot going on. demoing new songs and thinking about a new record. hopefully some shows in the spring.

since i can’t seem to use this space to write about my band, i’m going to try to use it to write about other things. will post something i’ve been working on tomorrow hopefully. ❤

new record this summer and a tour

hey – got a little behind here. was on the road with strange ranger and van time is particularly unsuited to forms of communication that you can’t carry around in your pocket. i’m sure i could figure out how to update this blog from my phone but i haven’t yet.

anyway the news i didn’t post here is that we have a new record coming out on 7/12. it’s called “I Never Said I Didn’t Care” and you can listen to the first couple songs and pre-order the digital version at http://cooloriginal.bandcamp.com/album/i-never-said-i-didnt-care

you can preorder tapes from Underwater Ally here: http://underwaterally.limitedrun.com/

we’re going on tour after the album comes out with our friends alien boy. here are the dates (a few subject to changes which i’ll post/update here):

7/12 – Portland, OR @ Dee’s Castle
7/13 – Corvallis, OR @ Nearly Normals
7/20 – San Francisco, CA @ Code and Canvas (only alien boy 😞)
7/21 – Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman 
7/22 – Oakland, CA @ Octopus Literary Saloon
7/23 – San Jose, CA @ Peace and Justice Center
7/24 – Long Beach, CA @ tba
7/25 – San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe
7/26 – Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space
7/28 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Mansion 
7/29 – Denver, CO @ Nude City Relief Center
7/30 – Lawrence, KS @ tba
7/31 – Omaha, NB @ Mid Town Art Supply 
8/1 – Sioux City, IW @ Whiskey Dicks (21+)
8/2 – Minneapolis, MN @ Our House
8/3 – Minot, ND @ Why Not?! Fest 
8/5 – Bozeman, MT @ Labor Temple
8/7 – Missoula, MT @ Free Cycles
8/8 – Seattle, WA @ Fusion Cafe
8/9 – Portland, OR @ Blackwater

ok last thing – to celebrate the tour we did a collaborative dual music video with alien boy. you can watch that below:

and here’s alien boy’s half, for their song called “If We Don’t Speak” that i really truly love a lot. these videos were extremely fun to make and stand as a nice document of a beautiful group of people in portland that i’m lucky to call my friends.

couple shows next week

playing a couple solo shows in the mid-atlantic next week with my friends lost dog from boston. we first played with them on our hilariously ill-fated first full us tour in 2017 and i was blown away. they’re extremely good and frankly if you live in baltimore or dc and like fun guitar music and fuzz pedals, you’d be crazy to miss it. seriously check out this song:

4/28 baltimore, md @ the crown, 18+, $7, 8:30 pm

4/29 washington, dc @ dwell, all ages, $5-10, 7:30 pm

new songs: “want” b/w “bait and switch”

here’s two songs from the sessions for our new record (out this summer). they didn’t make the record, not because i thought they weren’t good, but because i thought they worked better as two sides of the same coin. yin and yang, thesis and antithesis. the grass is always greener. maybe it’s better never to get what you want.

some of the usual collaborators and friends helped with these songs and some new faces joined the fold as well. original member and engineer extroardinaire Andy Rusinek played lead guitar, engineered and helped mix. Ethan Conroy (who played drums in the most recent west coast live iteration of the band) played piano, organ, and contributed vocals on “want.” Fiona Woodman sang on “bait and switch.”

buy on bandcamp or stream on spotify et al. ideally both, that way both us and our label (http://goodcheerrecords.bandcamp.com) get paid 🙂